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Learn how to skip – A quick ‘how to guide’



Athletes, Boxers, Crossfitters & gym goers use a skipping rope for a reason. If you learn to skip will be on track for improving your overall health and fitness. Using a skipping rope is by far one of the most effective ways to build your stamina, increase your foot speed & coordination and is also a great way to help build amazing your calf muscles.

Skipping can also be frustrating, the reason for this is that it not a natural movement and learning to skip will take practice.

We’ve put together a very easy to learn progression program to help you beginners sharpen your skipping skills.

There are two main parts to using a skipping rope. first of all you have the swing and then the jump. Below you will see a quick progression guide that will help you on your way to becoming a skipping master.

learn to skip

How to do It

First of all swing the rope over your head and perform one jump, that’s the beginning, now progress on to two sets on jumping twice, then three sets of three jumps & so on. Keep this going until you have reached all the way up to ten sets on ten skips or you are skipping for an average of fifteen to twenty minutes.

If you miss or get caught on a jump, just re-set the skill and start again from the previous level. This may be frustrating but in time it will get easier, we promise.

You should aim to complete this workout at least  three or four times in a week. With this in mind by the end of the second week you will notice your stamina, technique & coordination have improved massively. If you do this practice right, you’ll be well on your way to looking like one of these professional boxers doing 3 minutes round in one go.

The whole point of practicing is to get better. For many people this will not be an easy task you must stick with it.

So below are the basics of the move. These have been broken down into small chunks so that you can understand the movement easier and learn to control your body, control the rope and put the whole move together to form one (then many) move(s).

So here is what you need to do the basics of the skipping rules are as follows:

  • First of all you will only jump high enough to clear the skipping rope as it is going around.
  • Keep your knees nice and soft/relaxed as you jump.
  • With this, you will need to land on the balls of your feet nice and lightly to minimise the impact on your knees & joints.
  • Use your wrists to swing the skipping rope– in a controlled way, do not your whole arm to control the rope.
  • Keep your elbows tucked in by your side.
  • If you start your jump when the rope is just above eye level, this should be roughly the right time when you are learning.
  • Allow the rope or wire to gently brush over the floor gently
  • Keep going until this all comes together in one fluid movement.

This is a basic guide to help people learn to skip. I hope this guide helps some or all of you budding skippers.

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15 Minute Skipping Rope Workout For Weight Loss

skipping work out weight loss

This is my absolute favourite Skipping Rope Workout

My Favourite 15 Minute Skipping Rope Workoutskipping rope

  • Stand in front of a clock or timer of some sort
  • Begin with skipping for 3 minutes on the spot to warm up
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Now use your skipping rope, skipping as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • The begin skipping again as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • You can keep doing this for 15-20 minutes

This skipping workout is definitely one of my favourites, what i like most about it is its simplicity. With a skipping workout like this you get out what you put in. Maximise your effort while doing skipping workout and use your 30 second break to recover before starting again. [tabgroup][tab title=”Tecnique”]Your arms should barely move when you jump rope. The rotation of the rope should come from wrist movement. If you want to increase the speed of the rotations, simply increase the tightness of the circles that your wrist is making (this will make more sense when you start jumping rope). The goal of your first two weeks of jumping rope is to eventually work up to a point where you can jump rope for 5 minutes solid without having to stop and start again. This means that if you have to stop because the rope hits your feet, you have to start again from zero. You also want to be able to jump rope alternating feet, so it looks like you are running while jumping rope.[/tab][tab title=”Note”]There are a bunch of things you can do to customize this…you can do the whole workout using the “running in place” method of jumping, you can learn how to spin the rope twice for every one jump, etc…as you get really advanced you will find that you will be able to spin that rope at blazing speed and that 60 minute sprint will be extremely intense. Also, if you want to take advantage of the fast heart rate and burn even more body fat, hit a treadmill or exercise bike for 20-30 minutes after your jump rope workout.[/tab][/tabgroup] [loop category=skipping workouts module=gallery ]

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The Best Skipping Ropes and Speed Ropes

The best skipping rope and why..

Using a skipping rope is a challenging full body workout that has less impact on your knees than jogging or running. Skipping is fun, challenging and in the process will burn away lots calories.  Skipping for 10 minutes will offer similar cardiovascular benefits as jogging for thirty minutes or swimming for 20 minutes. The best skipping rope or speed rope will depend on which sport, training or jumping that you will be doing.

There are many different sports and disciplines that use a skipping rope as part of there training. Each sport or athlete will have a different goal and will require different skipping rope to help them achieve what they need to. There are several different types of skipping rope, below is a list of the varying types:

Beaded Skipping Ropebest beaded skipping rope

This type of skipping rope is covered with plastic 25mm segments over a nylon inner cord. Each nylon section/segment are made from different colours to help the person see the rope in competitions or exhibitions. Having the beads over the nylon rope increases the skipping ropes weight  which adds to the skipping workout, putting more strain on the upper body and muscles in their back & shoulders. If the person using this rope accidentally misses a jump and hits them self it can be quite sore. These ropes are resilient an tend to last a while. The beaded skipping ropes make rhytmic jumping very easy because of the noise the plastic segment covering the rope make as they strike the floor.

Speed Ropespeed rope

There are a couple of different types of speed rope, the two main ones are vinyl an wire. Both skipping ropes are alot faster than the beaded skipping rope and also lighter to use. The skipping ropes are mainly used indoors for use in fitness classes, boxing, mma or Crossfit. They usually have a way you can easily adjust the length of the rope making it perfect for the athlete to use. Because of the thin cord or wire on the speed rope it allows the highest number of revolutions per minute, making the speed rope a perfect tool for an high intensity workout. Using one of these ropes allows the user to perform double, triple or even quadruple unders, this is when the rope swings under the feet several times in one jump.

The Leather Skipping Ropeleather skipping rope

The leather skipping rope is a classic amongst all these. They usually either have a fixed or 90 degree rotating handle and a large thick leather rope which is quite heavy in comparison to the thinner vinyl or wire speed skipping ropes. These are great to use and offer a more strenuous workout for your upper body. Leather skipping ropes are less prone to tangling and make significantly less noise than the beaded rope. More often than not you can find a leather skipping rope with weighted handles. The weighted handles will make using the rope more challenging for the athlete. You can add or remove the weight from the handles.

So to conclude what is considered the best skipping rope will depend on what sport you are planning on using it for. Our advise would be to look around see what everyone else is using and try.

crossfit speed rope amazon double unders wod amrap skipping



What is the best skipping rope for boxing – Traditional skipping ropes or new speed ropes

Choosing the best skipping rope for Boxing

There are many different options available on the market and here is our shortlist:

Here we have a plastic handled speed rope that features a 90 degree connection – In our view THE BEST SKIPPING ROPE FOR BOXING

best skipping rope for boxing recommends the speed rope as above. This speed rope features a thin wire ‘rope’ and a 90 degree connection with ball bearings in the handles. This enables the rope to spin easily  and effortlessly so that the boxer/athlete can spend more time focusing on technique and footwork.

This skipping rope has ball bearings mounted in the handles allowing the rope to spin easier & faster, which in turn helps stop the rope getting kinked or knotted. The skipping rope offers just the right amount of resistance therefore helping the athlete/boxer develop his or coordination, rhythm & footwork.

The speed rope is not something you would usually find in a shop as it is quite specialist, however you can buy a skipping rope for boxing online.

  • The best place to by these from is gasp fitness who also have an amazon store where you can buy these from.
  • These cost approximately £12.00 and come with a warranty which not many other companies offer.


If you can’t get hold of one the the above ropes or can’t afford one try – 

Plastic Skipping Rope – Which in our opinion is the 2nd best option

best skipping rope for boxing

These particular skipping ropes can be found just about anywhere. Tescos or even your local sports shop will probably have these in stock. You can normally pick one of these up for around £5.00.

There is nothing wrong with these and they will work perfectly well, though not necessarily the best skipping rope for boxing.

Performing all the same footwork, tricks and coordination will require slightly more effort as they will not spin as easy as some of the speed ropes. The disadvantages of these ropes is, overtime if used a high speeds the handles will crack as they don’t have the 90 degree angle that some of the other ropes have, but you should get at least a good few months wear out of this. Perhaps even think of this as a practice rope before you progress onto a faster speed rope.

PVC Skipping Rope – Clunky, big handle, and not great for getting a good rhythm going

best skipping rope for boxing

When you think about which is the best skipping rope for boxing you will probably have an image in your head of the skipping rope above. These have a PVC rope, foam handles (sometimes weighted) and a ball bearing which is supposed to help the PVC rope spin more evenly. This only adds to my annoyance when you need to take them apart to adjust the length of the skipping rope.

My biggest problem with using a PVC skipping rope is that the more you use it the longer the PVC rope stretches, which is incredibly annoying/frustrating when you are at the gym using one and trying to get into a rhythm.



Leather Skipping Rope

leather jump rope

I’m actually not the biggest fan of these. Although the handles are relatively comfortable and the rope is sure to give you a great skipping workout from a personal point of view i find these quite clunky and slow.

However these skipping ropes are still widely used and often found in boxing gyms.

crossfit speed rope amazon double unders wod amrap skipping





What is the best skipping rope for MMA

best skipping rope for MMA

When we say the best skipping rope for MMA what exactly do we mean?

There are loads of different factors that make up what the best skipping rope for mma is. Speed ropes & skipping ropes come in loads of different sizes styles, with different handles & grips. The speed rope or skipping rope is used by MMA athletes as tool for fitness and conditioning. speed rope mma

Skipping or using a speed rope is a great way to improve your coordination. Having great coordination is paramount to your success in the ring or cage. All fighters need to be able to throw a punch, kick, knee, elbow or flying strike and therefore being coordinated is key. Obviously when skipping, your hands and feet must be working together in coordination to have the rope spin correctly.

There are many skipping drills & techniques that fighters use to challenge and improve there coordination. You will often see fighters skipping in front of mirrors, changing feet, jumping from side to side, jumping on one leg, skipping backwards and forwards performing double unders or multiple double unders as part of there training.

Fighters or boxers usually will train in rounds 2 minute rounds for amateur, 3 minute rounds for professionals & 5 min rounds for MMA fighters. Between each round they will usually have between 30-60 seconds break before starting there rounds again. Another way you will find a fighter training with a skipping or speed rope is that that may even use a weighted skipping rope. This adds an extra element to their training and will help to build muscle in their arms while also improving their lactic acid training, so they can train harder & for longer periods of time.

You will see fighters using a combination of different speed rope & weighted skipping ropes as part of their training. If you are looking to buy the perfect speed rope for double unders please click the link below & visit amazon.

crossfit speed rope amazon double unders wod amrap skipping


What is the best skipping rope for better WOD time?

best skipping rope for crossfit

Right then people lets talk about what the best skipping rope is.

Once you have decided which pair of trainers you will buy for your visit to the local box we can help you with which is the best skipping rope.

Your skipping rope, jump rope, or speed rope will become your new best friend. You’ll find you will be taking it everywhere with you, to every box, every workout an even on holiday with you.

Everyone will have a best skipping rope for crossfit, and these skipping ropes will be what works best for that athlete, indiviual or crossfitter. You must remember that one rope that works well for one person may not be ideal for the next person. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

First things first, you will need to get a rope to fit your size/height and ability.

In our opinion there are two main places to buy these from. You are unlikely to find a speed rope or skipping rope for crossfit in a local sports shop or superstore. So we recommend buying a skipping rope online. Two sources that we can suggest are :

1. Amazon


In terms of setting up the rope length to suit you, we have a number of resources on this site, simply search for “what length should my skipping rope be”. If the link isn’t work all you need to do is a simple google source and there will be more than enough information to help you on your way.

Another thing to take into consideration, is what weight of cable or rope will work best for you. This will depend on whether you are a season pro crossfit athlete, a newbie or someone looking for an upgrade. If you are new to crossfit and you are just learning double unders it would be easier to start with a thicker cable. This is because the rope turns slower which in turn allows you begin developing coordination to help you on the way to a perfect double under. As you grow in confidence, swapping your rope across to a thinner wire or steel rope will definitely speed up time during your work out of the days or WODs.

Finally the last thing to think about is price. You can pick up a vinyl skipping rope for between £5-£10, however a good speed rope with the steel cable will set you back from £11.99-£49.99

Our shortlisted are below:






Rogue Fitness Speed Rope Review – SR-1S Short Handle Bearing

rogue fitness sr-1 speed rope review

Here we go with our Rogue Fitness Speed Rope Review

Here we have Rogue Fitness speed rope review to help you make an informed decision about which skipping rope or speed rope is best for you. The SR-1S is the younger sibling to the SR-1.  The only difference is the smaller handle dimension which makes it easier to grip for athletes with smaller hands.  Built with a 4.75″ inch, rotating handle for sure grip, the Rogue SR-1S is capable of unbeatable speed.  The bearing system allows for top-end revolutions and the coated cable adds speed and durability.  It’s built to last, the only thing that will break are your records.

Rogue Fitness Sr-1 Speed Rope Review


  • Bearings: (4) Hi-Precision Cartridge Ball Bearings per rope
  • Handle Length: 4.75″
  • Cable: 10-ft Red Coated 3/32″ speed cable
  • Adjustment: adjustable end with a fixed swaged end
  • Indestructible Glass-Filled Nylon Resin Rogue Handgrip
  • Tapered handle, 1/2″ spindle to 5/8″ diameter base

So there you have it, rogue fitness speed rope review.


  • Established Manufacturer
  • Innovators in their field
  • Fast revolutions

  • Too Expensive
  • Limited Range of Colours
  • Few Re-Sellers

Here we go with our Rogue Fitness Speed Rope Review Here we have Rogue Fitness speed rope review to help you make an informed decision about which skipping rope or speed rope is best for you. The SR-1S is the younger sibling to the SR-1.  The only difference is the smaller handle dimension which makes it easier to grip for athletes with smaller hands.  Built with a 4.75" inch, rotating handle for sure grip, the Rogue SR-1S is capable of unbeatable speed.  The bearing system allows for top-end ...
5.6 Total Score
Rogue Fitness SR-1 a sturdy piece of kit!

Rogue fitness is one of those brands that you can trust, however it comes at a price £££. A great all round speed rope, but you can get better ones for significantly less moolah.

Ease of use
Add your review  |  Read reviews and comments


Gasp Fitness – Super Speed Rope SSR 1 – Best Skipping Rope

gasp fitness speed rope amazon for men and women ball bearing 90 degree handle

Over my six years of training in CrossFit I have tried out numerous types of jump ropes. I have used everything from old fashioned beaded plastic ropes, to the rubber “licorice” style to ropes, to high-tech customized competition ropes.  Hands down, my favorite rope and the one I find most durable and useful for high speed workouts, is the Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.   Light Weight & High Speed

The first thing you will notice about this rope is its light weight. This rope has in fact been used to break the US National and World speed records. Due to its light weight and high speed, it is a perfect candidate for double and triple unders, as well as large numbers of single unders.   Easily Customizable The Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope is also customizable in length. Each rope comes with 9’6” of cable that can be adjusted and trimmed for the individual owner. My personal recommendation is that you set the rope to your ideal length and use it for a while before you trim the cable. You will need a jewelers screw driver and a wire cutter to adjust your rope.   Long Lasting This jump rope is also one of the sturdiest of the high performance ropes I have used. I have been using mine for over a year without any obvious sign of wear and tear to the cable or damage to the handles.  But, because of the customizable nature of the design, replacement of damaged cables is easy anyway. You can re-order just the cable at a much lower price and not have to replace your entire jump rope.   Some drawbacks to the rope:

  • When you miss a rep and whip yourself with the rope – the cable really stings!
  • Due to the light weight of the cable, it can be tangled and twisted during a workout.

In my opinion, the benefits of this rope far outweigh the drawbacks. In addition, the light weight and compact nature of the cable makes this an excellent rope to throw in your bag while traveling.

Buy this now from Amazon please click the link below.

crossfit speed rope amazon double unders wod amrap skipping



Running VS Using a Skipping Rope

Which exercise offers the best results, using a skipping rope or running?

When looking at which exercise(s) are best for you and what you would like to achieve  personally from your workouts, depends on your own specific goals.  Both running and using a skipping rope, have several comparable aerobic benefits. Not only will they help to burn calories they will also increase your endurance, muscle tone, coordination and overall cardio health.

Using a skipping rope can offer more ancillary benefits of hitting the treadmill or the roads running, however skipping is not easy and does not come naturally to most. However once you have mastered skipping using either a skipping rope or speed rope you will very quickly be reaping the benefits, but you must know what you’re doing to get the most out of your skipping workouts.



In terms of how many calories you burn during an hour for each of these discipline will vary from athlete to athlete or person to person and on how much effort a person puts in (this is also known as workrate). A typical person weighing in at 70.5 kilos will burn approximately 596 calories maintaining a running speed of 5mph for one hour. This same athlete or person skipping for an hour will burn in the region of 750 calories.


Additional Benefits

Additionally to calorie depletion or burning calories, performing skipping or running will help in maximising your stamina and if performed regularly will lead to overall fitness. Not only will you have an increase in cardio fitness this will bring along other health benefits, helping to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. When working out between 70-90 percent of your maximum heart rate you will be in the anaerobic training zone, this is where you burn more calories and don’t lose as much muscle mass.


Skipping and running both can have a negative affect on your joints due to the high impact of floor striking. Running in particular is worse on your joints while skipping when performed correctly will not have the same negative impact on your joints as long distance running will.

The stress that can be caused by running is often felt in you ankles, knees & hips.

A negative of skipping would be the  time it takes to learn how to do it, however there are many resources available on the website and online that will have skipping like a pro in no time at all.

In conclusion

Skipping has a number of advantages over running, firstly using a skipping rope utilises upper body muscles which in turn will will help build strengh in your arms, back and shoulders. There are many sports that incorporte skipping into its training routine, for example crossfitters, boxers & mma fighters will use a skipping rope to help improve their coordination, footwork and agility. All of those benefits you are unlikely to get from running alone.

Both disciplines are great whether you do them individually or incorporate both of them into your workout. They are both incredibly versatile and require little or no equipment and you can do both just about anywhere.



Speed Ropes Explained

Speed Ropes Explained.

The easiest way of explaining exactly what  a speed rope is, is its very similar to to jump rope or skipping rope, however the term ‘speed rope’ would explain that this particular skipping rope has been made for speed.

The speed rope has a lighter design than a traditional skipping rope ie the handles and the actual rope section, or what would be the rope section of a skipping rope is actually a metal wire. These metal wires are often covered by a coloured or clear plastic/resin.



The heavier component parts of the speed rope allows the athlete or user to do an increase number of revolutions during his or her workout. If you are familiar with double or even triple unders, using a speed rope make performing this exercise a little easier.

Speed ropes come in a number of different designs and colours, some with plastic moulded handles, some with rubber handles and even with weighted metal handles. They are usually cylindrical shaped and easy for the user of the skipping rope to hold.

The colours of the handles are often different, some even have comfortable foam grips, and even come in varying widths for ease of grip or to make using the speed rope more comfortable.

There are loads of benefits to your health, fitness & coördination by switching to a speed rope, some of these benefits include offering a higher intensity sessions based on being able to do an increased number of revolutions, improved footwork as you will need to move your feet even faster than normal, and increased stamina.