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Use a skipping Rope like a pro…

Learn How to skip Like a Pro | In 7 Easy steps

The skipping rope can be a great cardio workout if you know how to use a skipping rope properly. Not only does a skipping rope help you burn a ton of calories and improve your speed and quickness, it’s also cheap and you can do it just about anywhere.

Below I have 7 tips to ensure you learn how to skipping rope like a pro.

Before getting into the tips, I’ve used many different types of skipping ropes ranging from wooden handles with a leather rope, plastic handle with lightweight cotton , but I prefer reither plastic handled or metal handled skipping ropes with unweighted handles and a ball and socket inside. The Gasp Fitness rope is my favorite and retails for only £11.99.

1) Jump on the Balls of your feet
When you’re using a skipping rope, try to softly jump up and down on the balls on your feet. Your heels should never touch the ground, which is one reason why a skipping rope is a serious calves workout!

2) Don’t Jump too High, Relax
Many people who try to using a skipping rope but jump so high it’s like they don’t realisee the rope is an eighth of inch thick. If you’re trying to get in a rhythm and skipping rope for more than 30 seconds without burning yourself out, keep your jumps as small as possible without tying up the skipping rope. Just relax and don’t worry if you trip up the rope.

3) Don’t Swing your Arms/Shoulders too Much
Skipping is all in the wrists. Watching someone who doesn’t know how to use a skipping rope reminds me of how some people will try to swim really hard, but barely go anywhere. Then you see another swimmer who is barely trying yet flies through the water. Just as swimming is all about the efficiency of your stroke, using a skipping rope effectively is all about the efficiency of the revolutions. If you are using your arms and shoulders while jumping very high, skipping becomes a VERY difficult cardio activity. Just use your wrists in a circular motion.

4) Use the Correct Rope Length
How long should the skipping rope be you ask? If you bisect the skipping rope by putting it under your feet, the handles should reach your sternum. Much higher, or lower will affect the rhythm and make the skipping rope much harder. The skipping rope should tick the ground each revolution, which also makes it easier to count reps and get in a rhythm.

5) Hands Slightly Above Waistline
Hand position is important and this is also dependent on the length of the rope you have. Your arms should be comfortably bent, hands placed about a foot from your sides and about waist level.

6) Get in a Rhythm
You can really skip as fast as you want, but getting in a rhythm can make using skipping rope easier and more fun. It’s kind of like hitting your stride as you jog. I like to complete a certain number of revolutions, or reps in a certain amount of time, let’s say a pace of roughly 150 reps per 60 seconds. It’s really up to you what feels comfortable and what type of workout you are doing.

7) Practice, Practice, Practice
This is by far the most important tip of all! Most people do not know how to use a skipping rope properly at their first session. But after their 4th, or 5th session ,they are skipping rope like a pro. How is that possible? First, start out with the rope behind you, then:
a) Do one skipping rope rep then stop
b) Do two skipping rope reps, then stop
c) Keep on going

This progressive strategy helps prevent, or unlearn the dreaded “double hop”, which is when you hop twice in between every revolution. Then, it’s really just a matter of putting in maybe an hour, or two of practice, next thing you know, you’re skipping rope like a pro boxer and you’re burning fat like it’s going out of style.
For years I started out my workouts with 10 minutes of skipping without rest as a warm up, then hit the weights. I would also do it before, or after some interval training treadmill workouts to really burn out my calves and increase my speed and quickness.

Starting out, you can use some more basic interval training techniques, like 50-100 reps, then rest 30-90 seconds and do 5-10 cycles.
I’ll be introducing you to a few skipping rope workouts in the future. I also plan on showing you several different types of skipping rope techniques to spice things up once you learn the basics.
I hope these 7 tips make skipping rope easier for you to learn!