Running VS Using a Skipping Rope

Which exercise offers the best results, using a skipping rope or running?

When looking at which exercise(s) are best for you and what you would like to achieve  personally from your workouts, depends on your own specific goals.  Both running and using a skipping rope, have several comparable aerobic benefits. Not only will they help to burn calories they will also increase your endurance, muscle tone, coordination and overall cardio health.

Using a skipping rope can offer more ancillary benefits of hitting the treadmill or the roads running, however skipping is not easy and does not come naturally to most. However once you have mastered skipping using either a skipping rope or speed rope you will very quickly be reaping the benefits, but you must know what you’re doing to get the most out of your skipping workouts.



In terms of how many calories you burn during an hour for each of these discipline will vary from athlete to athlete or person to person and on how much effort a person puts in (this is also known as workrate). A typical person weighing in at 70.5 kilos will burn approximately 596 calories maintaining a running speed of 5mph for one hour. This same athlete or person skipping for an hour will burn in the region of 750 calories.


Additional Benefits

Additionally to calorie depletion or burning calories, performing skipping or running will help in maximising your stamina and if performed regularly will lead to overall fitness. Not only will you have an increase in cardio fitness this will bring along other health benefits, helping to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. When working out between 70-90 percent of your maximum heart rate you will be in the anaerobic training zone, this is where you burn more calories and don’t lose as much muscle mass.


Skipping and running both can have a negative affect on your joints due to the high impact of floor striking. Running in particular is worse on your joints while skipping when performed correctly will not have the same negative impact on your joints as long distance running will.

The stress that can be caused by running is often felt in you ankles, knees & hips.

A negative of skipping would be the  time it takes to learn how to do it, however there are many resources available on the website and online that will have skipping like a pro in no time at all.

In conclusion

Skipping has a number of advantages over running, firstly using a skipping rope utilises upper body muscles which in turn will will help build strengh in your arms, back and shoulders. There are many sports that incorporte skipping into its training routine, for example crossfitters, boxers & mma fighters will use a skipping rope to help improve their coordination, footwork and agility. All of those benefits you are unlikely to get from running alone.

Both disciplines are great whether you do them individually or incorporate both of them into your workout. They are both incredibly versatile and require little or no equipment and you can do both just about anywhere.


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