Skipping Ropes

Skipping Ropes

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Skipping Ropes come in various different sizes and styles. From the children’s skipping rope which you will find kids using in the play ground to the professional ones you will see in a Crossfit box or Boxing/MMA gym.

There are many different skipping ropes available to buy either in a shop or online. The main styles of skipping rope I have listed below, if you feel like i have missed anything out please leave a comment:

  • Fixed Speed Rope (with PVC Rope)
  • Fixed Speed Rope (with metal/steel rope)
  • Leather Skipping Rope (usually wooden handled)
  • Leather Skipping Rope with 90 degree bend
  • Digital Skipping Rope (usually plastic with pvc rope and a counter)

Prices range from £5.00 all the way upto £50.00.

How do you know which one is best for you?

It’s best initially work out what it is you’re wanting to get out of your skipping workout. You need to decide whether you’re more interested in giving your body a good upper body workout or whether it’s purely about speed and working to to your bodies max.

If you are more interested in giving your upper body a solid workout perhaps a leather skipping rope would be best. The reason for this is that they ar generally heavier. They tend not to cut through the air as well as a speed rope as they have a larger surface area.

Should you be wanting a skipping rope that can offer you a fast, maximum speed workout then certainly a speed rope would be better suited. These speed ropes are lighter, usually have a ball bearing design incorporated and have a metal/steel wire (rope). Using a speed rope will be more challenging at first as you will need a high level of coördination to make these work for you.

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