Speed Rope Double Unders – A Quick and Easy Guide

Speed Rope Double unders, are a sinch!!!

A sinch i hear you say… i’ve not heard that phrase since the 90’s bra. So here you are. You’ve googled ‘speed rope double unders‘ & you’ve arrived here looking for more info. speed rope crossfit

We all know what a speed rope is, right?

A speed rope is basically the super model of the skipping rope world. They are slimmer lighter, much better looking than your traditional skipping rope. There are no bulky handles or leather/pvc ropes, no no no. They have now been replaced with a steel wire rope which weighs nothing and cuts through air like a hot knife cuts through butter. The handles are either made from light weight aluminium or from a light weight hard-wearing plastic. They usually have a ball bearing mechanism inside the handles which allows the rope to spin at an incredibly fast pace. Best of all though, they are available to buy in some awesome colours. So now lets look at what a double under is. (or DU as it’s referred to in CrossFit)double unders crossfit If you were to visit wikipedia searching for a definition you would find this. “Double under The participant jumps higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his feet. It is possible to have the rope swing three times under the feet (triple under). In competitive jump rope, triples, quadruples (“quads”), and quintuples (“quins”) are performed.” Source – Wikipedia. If you were to ask me what a double under is i would say, it’s a killer exercise that is great, not only for conditioning of your whole body, It’s a high intensity all body workout. This exercise is a killer. It’s tough to do and it requires alot of coordination. So how long have double unders been around? Great question. Speed rope double unders have been around for a while. Many famous boxing champions including Muhammed Ali used a speed rope for double unders as part of their training during the early 1950s. Todo speed rope doubleunders you will need three main things.

If you think you have all all three then now is your time. Speed rope double unders will quickly become your new favourite exercise. They will help improve your coordination, increase your fitness and go along way to improving your overall fitness.

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