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Speed ropes are the greatest bit of kit to get you fit!!

They’re light weight and designed to spin at a super fast speed.

Speed ropes are usually made up of 7 main component parts

  • 1 x rope or steel wire
  • 2 x ball bearings (to make the rope spin at super speed)
  • 2 x either metal or plastic handles
  • 2 x an adjustable clamp to hold the wire rope in place

These are the main component parts but these will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Speed rope are available in many different colours, you can have different coloured handles or grips and also different colour wires or rope. With the rope or the wire these can come either coated or uncoated. So you will either have a bare metal steel wire/rope or a coated on in a plastic sleeve. These sleeve come in many different colours, some more garish than others. Personally I think the brighter the better.

There are a number of different sports than incorporate the use of the speed rope as part of their training, the mains ones are:

  • MMA aka Mixed Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • Thai Boxing
  • CrossFit

The speed rope has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years due to many more people taking up the sports listed above. Crossfit and MMA in particular have definitely increased the sales of the humble skipping rope and helped with the evolution from a heavier skipping rope or jump rope to a lighter more sleek speed rope that we are now seeing alot more of these days.

A speed rope is usually used during WODs or work outs of the day in Crossfit, either by performing a set number of revolutions or by AMRAP (as many reps as posssible) in a given time frame. Used in MMA, boxing or thai boxing they’re usually used during rounds as part of a warm up. Rounds are typically either two r three minutes with a minute rest in between. The pace of the skipping or usually dictated by the head trainer or coach.

We recommend you visit www.gaspfitness.co.uk to buy speed rope.

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Speed Rope
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Speed Rope
News and reviews about speed ropes and which one is best for crossfit , boxing & MMA. Read which speed rope has been voted uk #1 before you buy.
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