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Triple Unders

Speed Rope Double Unders – A Quick and Easy Guide

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Speed Rope Double unders, are a sinch!!!

A sinch i hear you say… i’ve not heard that phrase since the 90’s bra. So here you are. You’ve googled ‘speed rope double unders‘ & you’ve arrived here looking for more info. speed rope crossfit

We all know what a speed rope is, right?

A speed rope is basically the super model of the skipping rope world. They are slimmer lighter, much better looking than your traditional skipping rope. There are no bulky handles or leather/pvc ropes, no no no. They have now been replaced with a steel wire rope which weighs nothing and cuts through air like a hot knife cuts through butter. The handles are either made from light weight aluminium or from a light weight hard-wearing plastic. They usually have a ball bearing mechanism inside the handles which allows the rope to spin at an incredibly fast pace. Best of all though, they are available to buy in some awesome colours. So now lets look at what a double under is. (or DU as it’s referred to in CrossFit)double unders crossfit If you were to visit wikipedia searching for a definition you would find this. “Double under The participant jumps higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his feet. It is possible to have the rope swing three times under the feet (triple under). In competitive jump rope, triples, quadruples (“quads”), and quintuples (“quins”) are performed.” Source – Wikipedia. If you were to ask me what a double under is i would say, it’s a killer exercise that is great, not only for conditioning of your whole body, It’s a high intensity all body workout. This exercise is a killer. It’s tough to do and it requires alot of coordination. So how long have double unders been around? Great question. Speed rope double unders have been around for a while. Many famous boxing champions including Muhammed Ali used a speed rope for double unders as part of their training during the early 1950s. Todo speed rope doubleunders you will need three main things.

If you think you have all all three then now is your time. Speed rope double unders will quickly become your new favourite exercise. They will help improve your coordination, increase your fitness and go along way to improving your overall fitness.

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What is the best skipping rope for MMA

best skipping rope for MMA

When we say the best skipping rope for MMA what exactly do we mean?

There are loads of different factors that make up what the best skipping rope for mma is. Speed ropes & skipping ropes come in loads of different sizes styles, with different handles & grips. The speed rope or skipping rope is used by MMA athletes as tool for fitness and conditioning. speed rope mma

Skipping or using a speed rope is a great way to improve your coordination. Having great coordination is paramount to your success in the ring or cage. All fighters need to be able to throw a punch, kick, knee, elbow or flying strike and therefore being coordinated is key. Obviously when skipping, your hands and feet must be working together in coordination to have the rope spin correctly.

There are many skipping drills & techniques that fighters use to challenge and improve there coordination. You will often see fighters skipping in front of mirrors, changing feet, jumping from side to side, jumping on one leg, skipping backwards and forwards performing double unders or multiple double unders as part of there training.

Fighters or boxers usually will train in rounds 2 minute rounds for amateur, 3 minute rounds for professionals & 5 min rounds for MMA fighters. Between each round they will usually have between 30-60 seconds break before starting there rounds again. Another way you will find a fighter training with a skipping or speed rope is that that may even use a weighted skipping rope. This adds an extra element to their training and will help to build muscle in their arms while also improving their lactic acid training, so they can train harder & for longer periods of time.

You will see fighters using a combination of different speed rope & weighted skipping ropes as part of their training. If you are looking to buy the perfect speed rope for double unders please click the link below & visit amazon.

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What is the best skipping rope for better WOD time?

best skipping rope for crossfit

Right then people lets talk about what the best skipping rope is.

Once you have decided which pair of trainers you will buy for your visit to the local box we can help you with which is the best skipping rope.

Your skipping rope, jump rope, or speed rope will become your new best friend. You’ll find you will be taking it everywhere with you, to every box, every workout an even on holiday with you.

Everyone will have a best skipping rope for crossfit, and these skipping ropes will be what works best for that athlete, indiviual or crossfitter. You must remember that one rope that works well for one person may not be ideal for the next person. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

First things first, you will need to get a rope to fit your size/height and ability.

In our opinion there are two main places to buy these from. You are unlikely to find a speed rope or skipping rope for crossfit in a local sports shop or superstore. So we recommend buying a skipping rope online. Two sources that we can suggest are :

1. Amazon

2. www.gaspfitness.com

In terms of setting up the rope length to suit you, we have a number of resources on this site, simply search for “what length should my skipping rope be”. If the link isn’t work all you need to do is a simple google source and there will be more than enough information to help you on your way.

Another thing to take into consideration, is what weight of cable or rope will work best for you. This will depend on whether you are a season pro crossfit athlete, a newbie or someone looking for an upgrade. If you are new to crossfit and you are just learning double unders it would be easier to start with a thicker cable. This is because the rope turns slower which in turn allows you begin developing coordination to help you on the way to a perfect double under. As you grow in confidence, swapping your rope across to a thinner wire or steel rope will definitely speed up time during your work out of the days or WODs.

Finally the last thing to think about is price. You can pick up a vinyl skipping rope for between £5-£10, however a good speed rope with the steel cable will set you back from £11.99-£49.99

Our shortlisted are below: